Photos x Rhymes x Life by Shaheen Karolia

#3 - On Rainy Dayz I Sit Back and Count ways

This is the first photograph that I had published in any sort of media when it was selected as an approved photograph in Vogue Italia on July 09, 2013 available here.

PhotoVogue allows you to build an online portfolio where an editor will review your photos and judge whether it should be published to their website. Until this point, I had never had any third-party review or critique one of my photos, as someone that has taken photographs over the year strictly as a passion. The process of someone judging your photos for whether it meets the standards or vision they are looking for, is a unique feeling and an ego boost. Although I honestly believe in pursuing your own vision in whatever arts that you enjoy and are passionate about, I can appreciate Vogue as brand of fashion and artistic excellence and feel honoured when I view many of the other outstanding photos that have been approved by its editorial staff.

This photo represents one that was taken in my opinion what was the right place, right time with the right circumstances. I had just borrowed my dad’s Pentax k-7 that I learned was waterproof or water sealed. Taken in Toronto, after visiting a friend for coffee in Yorkville on a rainy May 2013 weekend. Although, I usually head home by the subway, this happened to be one of those days that the subway was not working. Armed with my Stutterheim rain coat in mild rain, I walked as fast as I could down Yonge Street ducking underneath store signs whenever the rain got too heavy. Then just south of Dundas, close to the Payless shoes and not too far away from my barbershop, Onyx barbers, I just happened to spot a unique scene with someone wearing all black with an oversized black umbrella. A fan of Jay-Z’s “All Black Everything” mantra, I pulled out the camera that I was testing to see if I could really use it in the rain, and snapped a few pictures. I couldn’t really see much on the screen, and only when I got home did I realize that with the oncoming cars and reflections, it captured the Toronto rainy season that could only remind me of one of my favourite songs by Raekwon and Ghostface, Rainy Dayz, where Ghostface spits on the opening line:

Aiyyo, on rainy days I sit back and count ways on
— Raekwon & Ghostface – Rainy Dayz