Photos x Rhymes x Life by Shaheen Karolia

#4 - Da Mystery of Chessboxin'

The drive from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is about 2 hours, but something I would highly suggest to anyone who visits the DR and is looking to get off the resort. Santo Domingo is rich in character and history. While walking down one of the main streets in the city center, I caught this intense game a of chess with a small crowd overlooking and judging each move in silence.

I sent the photo to Vogue Italia and it was published on November 11, 2014 available here.

As a Wu-Tang Clan fan, I can never seen a game of chess and not utter these words:

A game of chess is like a swordfight. You must think first before you move
— Wu Tang Clan – Mystery of Chessboxin’